Sunday, November 7, 2010

Halloween Night

Here we are just before venturing out on Halloween Night in search of some "good" candy. (Er...not to be confused by the "yucky" candy, AKA candy that Elizabeth has deemed worthy to give away to the trick-or-treaters who come to our door!) LOL

As it turned out, we made one trip around the block before calling it quits. Ashley never got out of the wagon. Just wasn't interested. But she did yellow "Tick-o-Teat" a few times after she saw the door open for Sister to get candy, sometimes resulting in an extra piece added to Elizabeth's bag. Clever!

Elizabeth did pretty well with the whole trick-or-treat event, save for a minor breakdown when she knocked on a door, waited, and politely said "trick-or-treat" to the resident, only to realize belatedly that she had left her pumpkin in the wagon. I found myself having to apologize to the startled homeowner for Elizabeth's sudden outburst of "I forgot it!!!"--while quickly explaining that we are "new" at this whole ritual! ;-)

All in all...a great night!

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