Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Always Time To Be a Fairy Princess!

Well...the other day, Elizabeth announced that she wanted to dress up like a fairy. So...we decked her in Fairy Princess gear from head to toe! She even let me braid her hair! Then, we romped around in Elizabeth's room wearing tutus and fairy wings and having a Fairy Tea Party! It was all so delightful...I'm sure you are sorry you missed it! LOL
Is there a better way to spend a day?? I think not!

Couldn't leave Little One out...she needed a tutu, too!
Is that too many tutus?? heehee
And, lest you think that Mommy was just a fairy princess bystander,
here is a picture taken by Elizabeth!
Finally, here is a video of Elizabeth putting on her entire outfit by herself! (This, after she had taken it off and then decided she wanted to become a fairy all over again!) Very entertaining!

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