Saturday, April 3, 2010

ABC...Easy as 123!

Elizabeth was playing with her alphabet train the other day—(each "car" is a letter of the alphabet that magnetizes to its neighbor)—and she arranged it in order from A to Z! Predictable, I guess...but since it takes a pretty long attention span to hunt through the pile to unscramble, rearrange, and attach 26 cars, I gave her lots of props for it!!!!

But then, when she started pointing and naming each letter and pairing it with its phonetic sound, I shouted, "Wait right here!" while I grabbed my camera and made her start all over from the beginning! haha!

So, please consider this the gratuitous sequel to the "my-kid-knows-the-alphabet" video that I posted last year. Same rules apply: If you aren not a grandparent of this child, viewing is completely OPTIONAL! ;-)


Leeann said...

That is amazing! I am serious! How old is she again? I am quite sure none of my kids could have done that at her age. Well, maybe Chris but not the others, for sure!

Sounds like you all are having a great time in DC. I'm hoping to take the boys out there this week, if we get the chance, since the boys are on Spring break. We like to walk around the Tidal Basin to the FDR memorial. :-)

Anonymous said...

She has an impressive concentration and attention span!

Purple's Mom said...

She's nearly 3 and a half, Leeann. For whatever reason, she has always been curious about language/books/recognizing letters, etc. so I just kept teaching her as much as she showed interest in learning! But her memory is like a crazy elephant--so that doesn't hurt!

Hope you had a great time on Spring Break!!!!