Saturday, February 6, 2010

Let's Start at the Very Beginning...

A very good place to start!
(Go ahead...sing along...) mom is insisting that it has been SO long since I posted an update that "those of us in blogworld don't even know you've moved!" Really, Mom?!? But you've BEEN to our new house and seen in for yourself! And I'm pretty sure that the other 3 people who read this have probably already been here too! ;-)

But,... just in case she is right and there are, in fact, more than three members of my reading audience in this blogoshpere...I will indulge and make the official announcement:
(Falls Church, be exact!)

Peter got a great new job offer at the National Defense University, so at the end of December, instead of celebrating Christmas in the traditional way, we packed up our belongings and headed out on the road--spent Christmas Day in Pittsburgh--then completed the journey to Virginia where we closed on our new house the same week Peter started work at NDU. Though it all happened very suddenly, so far, it has been a seamless transition, and we are enjoying our new home and new town.

And then, all of a sudden...(cue music of doom!)...we are hit by WINTER SNOWSTORM 2010!

I have posted an album of photos on Facebook, but since Grandma & Grandpa are not on FB and since Pop-Pop--who was briefly on FB--is a "Quitter"...(I think that's the official term for former members of the cult of Facebook!), it's only right that we share a few photos here as well! :-)

Peter spent most of the late morning shoveling snow from our driveway! And, were it not for the very friendly neighbor across the street (who happened to have a snowblower that he *just* got back from the repair shop YESTERDAY!)...Peter would probably still be out there shoveling away!

We forgot to bring the snow shovel inside last Peter had to force the front door open and wade through over a foot and a half of snow to the garage the get the shovel.

He then dug a path up the walkway to "rescue"
Elizabeth and me so we could come outside and play! :-)And here we are post-rescue...
making our way down off the porch along the path Daddy made for us!

And finally, here is a view of the backyard and playscape
so you can get a pretty good idea of how insane it is!
A LOT of snow (24 inches and counting!)...but it is SOOOO pretty!


Jessica Geremia said...

AHEM!! I am one of your loyal blog readers and have not been able to make it out to Falls Church yet! Don't forget us Californians who think an inch of rain is the end of the world!! XOXO

Purple's Mom said...

Sorry Jessica! Oh...and my mom HEARTS you now b/c your post just validated her complaint that I need to make more frequent updates! :-) XO...and COME VISIT!!!

Carrie said...

I'm a reader too ;) That's so exciting you guys made your move even further out east! That snow looks like Canada! (But I don't think we've even had that much this winter! Crazy!)

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