Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Inside & Out

While the place is all spic'n'span, I thought I'd better post some pictures of the interior of our new home! I am offering this up as official evidence that I am capable of cleanliness!--at least in short little bursts that last until the pictures are taken and we start *living* in the space again! "Elizabeth...Ashley...Don't. Touch. ANYTHING!" ;-)

Above is the living room (taken from just inside the front door looking slightly to the left).

This one shows the front door standing just in front of the kitchen/dining room.

This one above is the dining room (taken from the living room) and the kitchen is just to the right. The kitchen/dining/living room make an open L-shape.

View of kitchen from the dining room.

This is the den. It's 7 steps down from the living room, so it has sort of a cozy basement feel.

This is a view of the den from the front corner of the built-in, next to the fireplace. Through that white door is the utility room--which houses the washer/dryer and a "guest bathroom".

Here is a view of Elizabeth's room from her doorway.

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Anonymous said...

Amazing! You have a beautiful Virginia home! The thick and cold snow outdoors is transformed by the cozy, intimate ambiance indoors. What an ideal place for a family like yours!