Thursday, September 10, 2009

"Trust...Is the Basis of Any Relationship!"*

And, as most girls know, if you can't trust your hairdresser, who can you trust?!?! ;-)

Mom has been cutting Elizabeth's bangs for a while now,
but today marked a grand event:
Elizabeth's first professional haircut!

We still haven't cut any of the rest of her hair (just a bang trim) it lasted all of about 4 minutes! But still...Elizabeth was awesome!—No tears and no fear (although the expression on her face might suggest otherwise!) She just climbed up into the chair, sat still like a pro, and let the "nice lady" go to work! The hairdresser just raved about what a brave and good girl she was...and, clearly, the highlight of the event for E is that she was rewarded with a SUCKER!

P.S. *Prize goes to the person who can name the movie in which the above quote appears! (Hint: It's a John Hughes film!)

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