Sunday, November 25, 2007

Having Her Cake...And Eating It, Too!

Of course, we could not let Elizabeth's birthday come and go without the obligatory and much-anticipated (not to mention, adorably messy!) "one-year-old smashing cake into her face" photos! So here they are for your viewing enjoyment!When we set a MONSTER piece in front of her (chocolate cake courtesy of Betty Crocker...perfectly-iced chocolate frosted coating provided by Grandpa...and writing and decorative touches piped by Mommy!), Elizabeth was very hesitant to reach out for it. You see, somehow Mommy trained her a while ago (inadvertently, I might add) not to reach out to grab for food when she is being fed,, even on this monumentally special occasion, she just sat there and stared at it expectantly as it sat in front of her.
It actually took quite a bit of encouraging before she very hesitantly raked her fingertips over the top layer of the cake. But, as evidenced by these pictures, once she got a taste of it--there was just NO stopping her!

Happy Birthday, Elizabeth!

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