Saturday, November 15, 2014

Pancakes & Pajamas Party!!!

What do kids love as much asPANCAKES?!?!...Eating them with their friends, of course!--while wearing cozy PAJAMAS!

So...for Elizabeth's 8th birthday, she had a Pancakes & Pajamas Party! And it was tons of fun!

These days, Elizabeth enjoys spending time with a small group of friends, rather than a large bustling we opted for an intimate gathering of 6 the Birthday Girl and her little sister! Her guests arrived at 9am on a Saturday morning—decked out in their favorite PJs—for some pancakes, donuts, games, and prizes!

As soon as they stepped in the door, they took off their coats and shoes and got to pick out a cute pair of fuzzy slippers to wear! (And they took them home as party favors to keep!)

Then, they sat down at our crafts table to make Froot Loop necklaces, personalize some pink plastic spoons by gluing their names onto them with glue dots and letter beads, and play a highly-competitive game of Breakfast Bingo!\

While we were playing Bingo, Daddy got the griddle going and started prepping the pancakes!

The Birthday Girl and her guests gathered at the breakfast table for donuts, juice, chocolate milk, and pancakes with their choice of toppings: blueberries, bananas, strawberries, marshmallows, and chocolate chips!

After eating, we went down to the den for a musical game of "Pancake Walk"....this is the game where EVERYONE is a WINNER! When the music stopped, I called out a breakfast food! Whoever was standing on a space marked with that food was the winner (and was out of the game!) And we continued playing until everyone won!

Next up was a rousing game of Pancake Pile-Up! (This was a "back-up" indoor game that we ended up using instead of some of the outdoor games I had planned because the weather turned ridiculously cold!...but it turned out to be a big success!) Each team raced to carry plastic pancakes on a spatula from the "griddle" to the plates to create a stack in the order listed on their cards. The first team to stack all five of their pancakes in the correct order...AND place the little pat of butter on the top of the stack...won the game! They played this one several times!

To calm things down a bit, we ended the indoor games with a Birthday Party word scramble race! Two teams got a stack of letters that spelled a word for something you would find at a birthday party! They raced each other to unscramble the letters to spell the words "games," "cake," "friends," "balloons," and "prizes"!

With only 10 minutes left until pick-up time...we bundled the girls up and took them outside for a final game called PANCAKE TOSS! We gave each of them two frozen pancakes with their names written on them in marker and had them use a spatula to try to toss the pancakes into a hula hoop in the yard! This was a huge hit...and unfortunately we only got video of ONE kiddo doing this! But trust was superfun!

All in all...a very fun and successful birthday party!
Happy Birthday, eight-year-old Elizabeth!!! We love you!!!


Leeann said...

The blog! It lives!!

What a great idea for a party. You really, really should be a party planner. You are very good at it!

HBD to E!

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