Friday, April 20, 2012

More Craigslist Fun...

I am a little behind in posting these pictures, but wanted to share the results of our recent furniture and bedding finds for Ashley!

We said GOODBYE to her toddler bed and have now officially transitioned her to a Big Girl Bed—a trundle...just like Big Sister's!!! Of course, this meant upgrading from toddler bedding to twin quilt! Is that not the most precious little quilt you ever saw?!?! And check out how the splashes of green gingham fabric coordinate with the curtains! :-)

It's a tight sqeeze in her room, but left just enough space at the foot of her bed for her adorable canopy reading nook! She is a huge fan!!!

We also sold the changing table (don't ask how the potty training is going b/c we are not *quite* there yet...but oh-so-close!!!) to make room for the dresser that came along with the bed. I was happy to get to keep my delicate pink custom-order knobs, and Pop-Pop installed them on the drawers a few weeks ago! I think it looks fab!
And finally, I am pleased to announce that, as of about 12 minutes ago, I have secured a coordinating PBK floor lamp (naturally another craigslist gem!) complete with a green gingham shade to perfectly match Ashley's curtains...and this will be added to her room TOMORROW! Hooray!!! :-)