Saturday, February 25, 2012

Sticky Scene

It was a little chaotic in our house the other night. The girls were running around wearing "superhero capes"...and then suddenly, we were aware that we only heard the pitter-patter of ONE set of footprints. (And actually, it was just one set of TIPPY-TOES, since Elizabeth never really walks on her whole foot!)

Peter and I looked up from the sofa, where we had been viewing a video clip on the computer, and saw THIS:
Ashley, still in her "cape," peeling off the backs of some of Elizabeth's foam monkey-stickers and sticking them directly onto the hardwood floor to make a "sticky scene!"

Eek!!! Those things are little boogers to peel OFF the floor! But, instead of scolding her, for some reason we all found it hilarious and we had a good laugh about it--and even let Elizabeth encourage her in her naughtiness. As Peter likes to say, "That's good parentin' there, Lou!"


Anonymous said...

The little girl is quite inventive!

What did you you use/how were you able to peel off the sticky scene?

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