Monday, June 13, 2011

Sidwell Summer Soccer Camp: From Superstar to Sidelines in Sixty Seconds!

Well, was a short-lived career!

Today was Elizabeth's first and last day of 9am–12pm 5-day soccer camp at Sidwell Friends in D.C. If it's any consolation, the two girls facilitating check-in did announce "Cutest Camper Award" when we approached! Haha! But, unfortunately, looking the part was simply not enough to sustain her love of the IDEA of Soccer Camp!

When she tried on her soccer outfit (complete with shin guards and athletic knee socks) last night, Elizabeth was very enthusiastic about the adventure that lay ahead of her. However, I could sense there was a little hesitation when we arrived at camp and she grew very quiet and unsure of herself. She was a little trouper as we met her nice, young soccer coaches (two very sweet girls probably in early college or late high school) and she bravely kissed me goodbye.

But it felt like the first day of preschool all over again. As I pulled out of the parking lot, I dialed Peter to confess that I was very hesitant to leave her in this new environment with unfamiliar counselors and peers to participate in a camp surrounding a sport she really knows nothing about. But he reassured me that "I know how you feel...but, you know...she'll be fine. She may even have a great time! And if she hates it, she hates it...and you just don't take her back. No big deal!" Ah...Level-Headed Daddy! Hooray!

Well... from what I gathered at pick-up, she didn't exactly participate enough to really HATE any of it. ;-) But she did report to me that she "didn't really want to do the games" and "it wasn't fun like at Mobu Kids camp" and "I was there for a loooooong time and when I told the teacher I wanted to go home, she said it would just be a little while longer, and it was!" Awww...poor li'l thing!

No tears...but it does sound like one of the sweet coaches--Sarah--probably spent MOST of the three hours trying, unsuccessfully, to persuade Elizabeth to participate. So we think it's probably best, for Elizabeth (and for Sarah!) that we don't insist that she return for the rest of camp.

In a year or two...maybe she will be ready. Or, maybe she would enjoy the team experience with a 45-minute practice here and there with games on Saturdays. But, for now, she is very much looking forward to "Safari Camp" (hello, MONKEYS!) at MOBU Kids in two weeks! ;-)

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