Sunday, August 1, 2010

Antsy-Pants Swimming Dance!

I know it may not look like it from this video, but Elizabeth LOVES swimming lessons. No really. She does!

This is her "jumping" into the pool to her swim instructor!

And, if you ask her...she will say, "I was SO BRAVE! I put my WHOLE SELF in!" Which, she did. On the first day. This is Day Eight. Notsomuch with the "whole self in" today...but don't tell HER I said that. ;-)
By the way...yes...I am aware that this is pretty much the ugliest swimming suit known to man! But we were in Target and E saw it and exclaimed, "I need THAT one! Then I can look like a turtle!" ...and looking "like a turtle" is apparently a good thing. Especially when you are swimming! So, I bought it...partly b/c I am a sucker...and partly b/c it was on clearance for $3.48 (gee...wonder WHY!?!) ;-)

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