Monday, June 8, 2009

Too Sentimental?

Lately, Peter has been complaining that my blog posts over the past few months have been far too sentimental for his taste. ;-) He misses the comical, snarky blog entries of old, so I have vowed to return to more light-hearted, witty commentary in future posts.

However, if I am going to leave behind this era of sappiness, I feel that it's only fitting that I do so with a sentimental send-off!
So, here is a a video/slide show I made that I have titled simply, "Sisters"! Enjoy!


Leeann said...

That was so sweet! I am all for any blog entries, sentimental or not!

Anonymous said...

Just watched the video. What are you trying to do to me-the question mark is not working on our key board. Anyway, I cried through the whole thing. Not that that surprises you. We miss you all so much, can't wait until you get to California. Elizabeth and Ashley are adorable. Hugs and kisses for both of them. Love you all. Grandma Nancy

sistyugler said...

You're good at that! Very cool! Teach me how!