Friday, March 6, 2009

Sweet Serenades

So...Elizabeth has been VERY into singing these days! But, rarely does she voluntarily sing on cue or on camera! Yesterday, however, she seemed to be in the mood--sort of!

As you'll see, at first she refuses and punctuates her point by shaking her head vigorously and adding, "I'm having a fit! Mommy can sing it!" (which...let's face it...if this is the best she does for having a fit, we are in good shape!) But, when asked again, she busts out with a pretty good rendition of "Down By the Station"--which I will translate for you below!

Down by the station,
Early in the morning,
See the little puffer billies
All in a row.
See the engine driver
Pull his little lever,
Puff, puff, beep, beep,
Off we go!

And...a few minutes later, she offers up a fairly decent version of "The More We Get Together"

Most of her on-camera performances conclude with the eager question: "Do you wanna see Elizabeth?" Like most children, she gets the biggest thrill out of seeing herself on screen!

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Heather said...

She is adorable! And such a talented singer!