Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Cute as a Bug on Halloween!

Elizabeth had her first "trick-or-treating" experience...and it did not go quite as Mommy planned. She looked adorable in her little Ladybug outfit, and seemed sort of interested in doing what the other kids were doing (we spent a few minutes watching all the hullabaloo from our front porth first)...but when it got right down to it, once we crossed the street and headed up to knock on the first door, she stopped dead in her tracks and repeated, "no...no...no..." and then began to cry. So, Mommy comforted her a little, then coaxed her to get some candy from the nice lady. But one piece was plenty for her...and she was ready to return home to the safety of of Daddy's arms on her own front porch. From then on, she helped us pass out candy to the kids who came to visit us. Ah...much better.

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