Monday, March 17, 2008

Da Plane...Da Plane! (Or, in Elizabeth's case: Da "Meen" Da "Meen"!)

Here, Elizabeth and Daddy are watching planes land near LAX. This was definitely a highlight of Daddy's spring break vacation! Elizabeth's LOVES planes...or "meens" (lately "meen" has morphed into "mane"...but is not quite a "plane" yet!) But she loves to run after them and point! ALMOST as much as she loves to point at the moon!

Elizabeth is unlocking a whole new world of words! It seems like one minute she was barely uttering "daddy" and "doggie" and the next minute, an entire encyclopedia of words came pouring out of her mouth! And now, there is just no stopping her! Just after our return from Houston in early February, Daddy and I tried writing down a list of all the words we had heard her say --and, much to our surprise, it turned out to be nearly 35 words long! And now, just a month later, she seems to be adding several new words a day!

Disclaimer: Lots of the words she says are pretty easy to "melmo" for "Elmo" and "moon" for "moon" (go figure!)--not to be confused with "moon" for "balloon"--haha! But several are words that we struggle to figure out and then must translate for others later! But since she repeats the sounds over and over while pointing to the same object--like "meen" for "plane" and "mope" for "blimp" for example...we think those still count!

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