Monday, August 20, 2007

Exploring the WORLD...

...or at least part of it! Elizabeth and Mommy were off to a short visit to Oklahoma and Texas last week! Yep...that's right, Oklahoma! Elizabeth made her first Alpha Phi chapter visit to the University of Oklahoma--to the newly renovated Phi chapter house! (Can you believe we got so busy I forgot to take pictures there?!?! Elizabeth was even sporting a trendy OU onesie from Team Sooner and an oh-so-hip Alpha Phi Legacy onesie from Susan S.! I will have to take pics of her in those another time!)

Ah, well! Anyway, shoutout to all the amazing girls who doted on Elizabeth and helped me out with her while we were there...and especially to Ali, whom Elizabeth seemed to take to right away!

Anyway, after that we jetted down to Houston to stay with Grammy and Pop-Pop and have a visit with Grams and Grandmommy as well! Daddy joined us in Houston and we were also fortunate to get to see Uncle Mike (didn't get any pictures this time around), Aunt Janeann, and Cousin Heather, as well as the Rineharts, Keith, and Mrs. Albers (I know, I know...I am probably supposed to call her Patty, but I just can't do it!) Here are some highlight photos from our visit!

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Ali said...

Elizabeth's precious, we miss you both, come back and visit soon! So i can babysit again! Thanks for the shoutout!!