Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Saving the Planet Is Always in Fashion...

...and Elizabeth is certainly doing her part!

Our last day in San Francisco was a lot cooler than the previous days, so we suddenly found ourselves on a mission to find a light jacket or sweater for Elizabeth. When we stumbled into the Wildlife Works Eco-Fashion Boutique, Grammy and Pop-Pop could not pass up the opportunity to outfit their grandbaby and save the planet at the same time!!! :-) (The owner of the shop runs a wildlife sanctuary in Kenya that focuses on helping endangered species, while providing jobs to the locals!)
Anyway, I'm sure you'll agree that the resulting ensemble not only served its purpose of keeping her warm, but also is indeed much more fashion-forward than your standard baby gear! And, more importantly, Elizabeth seems to dig it!

P.S. By the way, Lindsay...if you have a chance to get word to Dillon, ask him to go find this place in Kenya and bring you back some nifty threads for Beckett! haha!

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